Finite Element Analysis


Finite Element Analysis of Monorail Track to Estimate the Structural Rigidity and Strength Under Moving Loads

An electrical hoist is intended to be deployed to lift and transport Air Handling Units (AHU) from their location to a service area where the units could be repaired or serviced. Several AHUs are fixed on the floor in three parallel rows. A monorail is suspended from the ceiling over each of the rows of AHUs. Semi-circular monorail tracks are used to connect the parallel monorails and track switches are provided to enable use of a single electric monorail hoist to lift and transport any one of the AHUs to the service area or back to its respective location. The hoist lift capacity is 2000 kilograms. The sections of the monorail as well as the vertical ceiling support members need to be determined.

Two worst case scenarios were analysed to determine the maximum deflection and the maximum stresses in the monorail. The criteria for safe and smooth operation is that the maximum deflection is limited to 500 microns and von Mises stresses limited to 55 MPa under suddenly applied load (twice the moving load – accommodating for the sudden jerks during operation).

  • Maximum Deflection and stresses with respect to Maximum bending moment caused due to moving load of 2 tons.
  • Maximum deflection and stresses with respect to maximum shearing force due to moving load of 2 tons.

Bending Moment

3-D Bending Moment Analysis

  • Deflection plot – Maximum bending moment
  • von Mises stress plot – Maximum Bending Moment
  • Images

3-D Shear Force Analysis

  • Deflection plot
  • von Mises stress plot
  • Images


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