Finite Element Analysis of Pantograph


Finite element analysis of Pantograph, to check for the structural integrity, strength, factor of safety, as per DIN EN 12663-1:2015-03 Railway Application Standards
Load Cases:
  1. Steady state contact load (vertical load) of 300 N on the pan-head along with the self-weight
  2. Forces resulting from accelerations in X, Y and Z directions studied separately in combination with steady state contact load on the pan-head
  3. A modal analysis of the pantograph to determine the natural frequencies and their respective mode shapes
  1. The analysis results show that the stresses in the pantograph components for all the load cases are well within the yield limit and have the required factor of safety (FOS).
  2. All the components in the pantograph assembly meet the required FOS of 1.15 and 1.5 with respect to yield and ultimate tensile strength for all the 6 cases.
  3. Therefore the design under the static load conditions mentioned in the paragraph 6.5.2 of DIN EN 12663-1:2015-03meets the FOS criteria of paragraph 5.4.2 and 5.4.3 of DIN EN 12663-1:2015-03.
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